Thursday, June 4, 2015

Academia + Palazzo Piti

Jeans+Shirt: Zara 
Its official, I bought a student Uffizi card, which means I have access to most of the museums in Florence a.k.a the best investment of my life! This basically means I will be spending my last few days enjoying beautiful art, history and Italian culture. It’s been semi-rainy since we have been back which makes for perfect museum weather. My one goal coming to Italy was to go to as many museums as possible just because it’s something that I really enjoy doing. Now I can die happy. Oh and on a side note, future boyfriend/husband take note that this is probably my ideal date… just saying ;) Anyways, I may or may not be spamming you with tons of art pictures so beware if this is something you have no interest in. I’m not sorry about it. Xoxo Kendall


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