Wednesday, May 6, 2015


With very little hassle on my flights, I have finally  arrived in Florence! From the airport I took the Valo in bus (bus shuttle) to Santa Maria Novella (train station) where I then walked to my hostel in the city center. After lugging my suitcases around town cluelessly walking in circles to find my hostel, and looking like a total tourist, I shamelessly found it with some help from the locals. Although I was terribly tired and jet lagged (and currently still recovering), I decided to fight the urge to curl up into my bed and instead explore the city! With my friend Kate, and her friend Kayla, as my tour guides I was able to see most of the Florentine landmarks in the span of a few hours! I am already in such awe of the beautiful architecture, culture and all the smells on the streets.  I think I’m going to settle in just fine:) Now it’s time to sleep off the jetlag and get ready to move into my apartment tomorrow! Xoxo Kendall

Can you spot the Eiffel Tower?

The Parisian countryside

My first gelato; Pompelmo Rosa 


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