Sunday, May 10, 2015

the Duomo

Dress + Jacket (similar)- Free People

Have you ever seen something so beautiful it takes your breath away? That’s how I felt walking up to the Duomo.  After my first day of class (wait I’m not just here to eat pasta and drink wine?), some of my classmates and I decided to check out the Duomo while we had free time. After walking up 463 steps to the top of the dome, we stood in amazement at the panoramic view of our city, the city we will be living in for the next 4 weeks! I could have stood there for hours admiring the different landmarks of the city. Its crazy to think that just two weeks ago I was stressing about finals and now I’m in this city where life is so laid back and carefree. Its so often that we are always planning and preparing for our future that we forget to stop and see what’s in front of us, right now. When I’m getting too caught up with life and stressing about what lies ahead, I need to remind myself about my time spent at the Duomo and life will all seem to be okay again. Xoxo Kendall


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