Saturday, May 23, 2015

Positano, Italy

Everyone that I knew that had gone to Italy before told me the town of Positano is a must see, and they were right. The hype was well worth it. Even with gloomy skies, Positano is absolutely beautiful. We rode the bus from Sorrento into Positano, and let me just say I am so thankful for the RTS bus system in Gainesville. Here the bus drivers seem like try to drive as fast as possible to speed up the mountain. It’s a game of dodgeball trying to avoid hitting another bus/car/person as we all pray for our lives. Its quite funny actually to think about how we even survived. Anyways, after officially making it to Positano, we relaxed on the beach and explored the city. The highlight of the day was getting to see tons of cats, which of course made me the happiest of all (no I’m not a crazy cat lady, don’t judge me). I hope you are enjoying my time in Italy as much as I amJ Xoxo Kendall


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